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Trinamool After Teen Assaulted In Mathura


A videograb showing the boy forcibly kissing the teenage girl


A teenage girl, with a baby in hand, was walking down a road in Mathura when a boy ambled along and forcibly kissed her on the mouth and walked away.

The incident, which took place on Saturday and the video of which is in wide circulation, has invited sharp comments from Trinamool Congress on the law and order situation in the politically prized state of Uttar Pradesh.

“Every day, UP’s rotting underbelly is laid bare! In Mathura, a girl from West Bengal, on a religious journey, faced the horrors of public sexual assault. Is this @BJP4UP’s idea of NARI SAMMAN?” the Trinamool posted on X.  

The video clip shows the teenage boy – wearing a cap, white shirt and denims and slippers – stopping the girl, reportedly native of Bengal, and kissing her forcibly. And then casually walking away. The girl too continues on her path.

The locals didn’t report the matter to police but instead a panchayat dealt with it.

“This is the brutal reality under the regime of criminals. Isn’t it, CM @myogiadityanath? Does Modi’s Guarantee mean NO women safety?” the Trinamool added.

In another video, the boy is seen hitting himself on the head with a slipper as punishment for the act. He is also seen apologising with folded hands.

A case has been registered section 294 of the Indian Penal Code which deals with obscene acts in public.  

No sexual assault charge has pressed against the accused.

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