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Twitch star Pokimane reveals why exactly she ‘never really talked about a breakup before’


Twitch icon Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has opened up about her current relationship status in a new YouTube video, revealing to her audience that she is currently going through a ghastly breakup, which she “never really talked about” before.

Twitch star Pokimane’s latest YouTube video features her discussing a painful breakup and sharing advice on how to cope.

The Twitch sensation earlier said that she has “intentionally” kept her private life secret for the last couple of years.

So, no one yet knows the guy who was her ex-flame, but many netizens speculated that it is Kevin Kim. Notably, Pokimane posted a hilarious relationship contract with Kevin on X in May.

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Pokimane felt ‘different’ about the breakup

In the YouTube video, which features her sitting in a park and sipping on a Matcha drink, initially in a makeup room, Pokimane shared that she felt compelled to discuss this breakup because it felt “interesting” and “different” from her previous experiences.

She stated, “I’ve never really talked about a breakup before, and, because I don’t really like date in the public eye, it doesn’t really feel like it makes sense to either.”

“But I felt like this one might be interesting to discuss for a couple reasons. Frankly, this breakup feels different than past ones.”

Pokimane further explained that this breakup felt “different” due to the stage of life she is in and the seriousness of the relationship. She elaborated, “When you’re in your like, mid-to-late twenties, and when you start envisioning your life with someone, speaking about marriage and kids, and like really being in that headspace and planning for your future, and then all of that kind of dissolves. You know, it’s a lot to process.”

Pokimane says ‘time heals all’

The video, uploaded to her YouTube channel on July 8, 2024, marked her return to the platform after a four-month hiatus. Apart from discussing her breakup, Pokimane also offered advice to those going through similar situations. She said, “If you are or have been going through a breakup, just know, one, you’re so not alone… Two, time heals all, and you’re kind of supposed to feel like sh** for a little while so it’s going to be okay.”

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“I miss sharing more of my life, and I still find a lot of joy in that. I’m trying to get out of my shell a little bit more, especially now that I’m single,” she added.

Earlier this year, the Twitch icon announced that she was taking a break from her regular streaming schedule and social media to celebrate her brother’s engagement.

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