Zoom App And The Recent Controversy Around It? Is It Safe To Use?

Zoom metting

If you are a freelancer or work in a corporate company or are an online business owner then chances are you are familiar with the application Zoom.

With more and more people being concerned about their online privacy every year. Online privacy has been a major issue with a lot of companies selling user data and companies getting hacked your data might be safe. In the United States alone researches have found that consumer privacy is high with 92% of Americans worry about their privacy to some extent.

Zoom the video conferencing app has been involved recently in a controversy about the safety of the platform by several sources tech giants such as Google, Apple and others have outright banned the use of the application by their employees.

The Cyber Coordination Center (CyCord) of the Indian government said that “the platform is not safe for government officials or for any official purposes” and it seems governments and corporations around the world are asking staff to refrain from using the application due to data concerns.

It has been reported that the application is vulnerable to cyber attacks as well as the potential leakage of sensitive information, therefore deemed not safe for use.

It seems day by day the internet is becoming more and more unsafe, On 2018 Macy’s a popular clothing and accessories brand and Poshmark another popular clothing brand have been hacked and user’s payment information has been leaked according to Businessinsider.

This goes to show that companies are not doing a decent job in keeping their customer’s information secure and safe, Businessinser has reported more than 19 companies have had some sort of security breach written on an article on 2018.

So you may be asking yourself, How can I keep my data safe from hackers? and what else can be done to keep our data safe?

One way is by using a VPN also known as Virtual Private Network. If you don’t know what a VPN is it’s simply put a private network where your computer or laptop or smartphone connects to an encrypted network and gain access to the internet through a masked IP address.

Another way is by avoiding using third party applications that are not from Google’s PlayStore for Android and Apple’s App Store for the iPhone.

These are some of the many ways to keep your data safe.

In conclusion, is the Zoom app safe to use? The answer is NO!

Because of its vulnerability to attacks especially at these times where everyone is at home, its really a great target for hackers, increasing the risk for a security breach.

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