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Vastu Professional, Who Claimed ‘Faults’ In Parliament Construction, Stuck For Rs 65 Crore Fraud


Vastu Expert, Who Claimed 'Faults' In Parliament Building, Caught For Rs 65 Crore Fraud

Monday morning, Assam Police join the accused on transit remand.

Pristine Delhi:

In 1997, the prominent Vastu Shastri Khushdeep Bansal made headlines next claiming that the Parliament Area library had “architectural defects”, declaring that to be the explanation why governments fell. Just about 30 years next, Bansal’s title has as soon as once more arise; this age in reference to a large fraud amounting to Rs 65 crore.

Assam Police, in collaboration with the Particular Cellular of the Delhi Police, arrested Bansal and his brother on Monday. The Counter Perception Unit (CI) of the Particular Cellular completed the arrest within the Barakhamba department of the nationwide capital.

Monday morning, Assam Police join the accused on transit remand and hastily departed for Assam, the place they face fees within the ongoing Rs 65 crore Independent Council rip-off. The rip-off additionally comes to the son of a Congress chief from Madhya Pradesh.

Kamal Sabarwal, the landlord of the Delhi-based Sabarwal Buying and selling Corporate Non-public Restricted, filed a criticism towards Bansal.

Bansal reportedly disclosed to the Delhi Police that he had presented a person to Kamal Sabarwal, in the long run implicating himself within the fraud. Concurrently, Assam Police declare that the entire accused collaborated in orchestrating the frilly rip-off that has now come to the leading edge.

Bansal is a expert on diverse atmosphere govt initiatives and a strategic marketing consultant to leading businessmen and industrialists.

In 1997, he won notoriety for his declare that the architectural defects of the Parliament Area library had been inflicting governmental instability. In keeping with him, the answer lay in his experience, which concerned hanging copper wires underground between the Parliament and the library development, thereby “restoring balance” and permitting governments to finish their tenures with out going through untimely collapses.

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