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Uranus 2324 trailer: Scene-stealers FreenBecky leave fans gasping for more with action-packed cosmic love story | Watch


Thai love stories have set an indomitable precedent for onscreen portrayals of inclusivity. As two of the pioneering figures leading the entertainment industry to barrier-breaking levels of acceptance and more, actresses Sarocha “Freen” Chankimha and Rebecca “Becky” Patricia Armstrong are back to shoulder yet another cosmic love story.

Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong in Uranus 2324.

Admirably recognised as the inseparable “FreenBecky,” the leading Thai actresses are set to venture into unknown yet familiar territories with their upcoming highly anticipated theatrical premiere, Uranus 2324. Their action-packed flick positions the much-sought-after duo as star-crossed lovers caught between worlds, dimensions and the multiverse chaos.

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The beloved pair shot to fame following the 2022 premiere of Gap: The Series, a wholesome rom-com title hailed as Thailand’s first (girls’ love) GL drama. Their professional partnership doesn’t end there. FreenBecky are also in line for the August premiere of the first-ever GL-period drama, The Loyal Pin.

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Watch the Uranus 2324 trailer

On June 16, VelCurve Studio released the official trailer for the upcoming film of epic proportions, expected to be released on July 4. The genre-diverse sneak peek of the sci-fi movie once again holds up Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong’s much-valued stature as the poster girls for the Thai girls’ love (GL) genre.

On the same note, while preparing for their new drama series, The Loyal Pin, the duo was also busy flipping through the pages of the sci-fi movie’s script. The action-packed visuals of the new trailer for Uranus 2324 bill it as a complex love story between a NASA astronaut and a diver. Per the message contained within the brand-new trailer, Uranus 2324 seeks to send out the heartfelt idea that “Love is deeper than the ocean, and bigger than the universe.”

Notably, the duo’s unfathomable love story’s ever-consuming qualities catch them at the far ends of the universe in different timelines. Despite all odds, the characters, Kath and Linlada Sasinpimon, somehow find their way back to each other. While the former is an aspiring Olympic free diver, the latter is a Thai astronaut lost in space aboard the Uratis space station.

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Reactions to FreenBecky’s new movie trailer

  • “No words…. they’re going to be SO AMAZING in this movie! 🙌🏼”
  • “After a whole year, the trailer is finally here 🥹🤍 we will finally get to meet Kath and Lin on July 🙏🏼”
  • “Omg I can feel the excitement of me being in cinema already 🫠🫠🫠”
  • “OUR Kath… Amazing job Bec!! We are so proud of you, we can’t wait to meet Kath in all the universes.”
  • “The tone of the movie is destined to be ‘separation’”
  • “Okayyy yup that hurt more with context 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”
  • “My best actress freen sarocha is here 🥹”
  • “my kind of ‘love in a period of war’ 🥺”
  • “Saro’s facial acting are always on point🤍👏”
  • “My Action Star Freen Sarocha 😱🙌👏”
  • “’I came to this world because I don’t want to lose you anymore’ I’m out yall 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”
  • “I’m LIVING for their crazy acting here there is so much emotion in their expressions! I am so proud of Freen and Becky already 🥹”
  • “The way this scene is gonna absolutely destroy me I’m currently crying just looking at it.”

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