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Ukrainian model Sawa Pontyjska sues Cannes Film Festival organisers claiming assault by security guard on red carpet


Ukrainian model Sawa Pontyjska claimed she filed a legal complaint against organisers of the recently held Cannes Film Festival. As per a BBC News report, Sawa alleged she was assaulted by a security guard on the red carpet of the event. A video emerged on social media which showed Sawa struggling physically with the security guard. She was the same person whom people criticised for mishandling singer Kelly Rowland, and actors Yoona and Massiel Taveras on the red carpet. (Also Read | Massiel Taveras speaks out on pushing Cannes guard incident, praises ‘queen’ Kelly Rowland)

Ukrainian model Sawa Pontyjska and the security guard at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

Sawa says she was kicked out of event

As per the report, Sawa claimed she was ‘brutally’ restrained when she tried to enter the cinema with a legitimate ticket. It was for Marcello Mio’s premiere. “I was trying to escape from this lock. I went down, and I started to run away on the stairs because it was the way back [out]. She was trying to push me in[side], so nobody can see what she’s doing with me. Then she kicked me out through the back door,” she said.

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Sawa says she was ‘violently challenged’

Sawa added she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She also said she tried to contact the organisers to request an apology. However, she didn’t receive a response. BBC News cited her legal complaint, saying she was “violently challenged by one of a group of security guards” in front of “thousands of people”. The physical force caused her “acute pain”, and she suffered from “psychological trauma” as per the report.

About the complaint

According to the BBC News report, Sawa posted pictures of documents accusing the festival of “physical assault and psychological damage” on Wednesday. She also said her reputation was harmed and sought 100,000 euros (£85,000) in damages.

What happened with Sawa at Cannes red carpet

Earlier, Sawa posted a video of the incident, which took place on May 21, on Instagram. It showed Sawa at the top of the stairs, apparently being asked to go inside by the female guard. She then put both her arms around Sawa. They briefly struggled, and Sawa almost dropped to the ground. She then tried to go back down the stairs and was stopped by other security personnel. She was then taken inside.

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