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Tattoo Lips
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The first time you meet someone, what you notice at a glance? After the eyes, lips are undoubtedly the most prominent part on our face.

Since beautifully nourished and full lips are the symbol of the femininity and sensuality, as well, there are so many ways possible to make them even prettier and more attractive. One of the compelling ideas that slowly but surely wins the women’s hearts all over the world is a lip tattoo.

Why is this form of art becoming more and more popular trend nowadays? Tattooing is the art of body painting, and tattooing of the lips is undoubtedly the most specific way to express yourself. What makes the women worldwide want to try this excellent method is undoubtedly the number of choices it offers to them-from a lip tattoo liner, to a lip blushing tattoo.

Whether you want your lips to look thicker, but still natural, or you want to give them a definition, or you are a woman who look after your appearance, this could be a perfect solution for you. As the lips are a quite sensitive part of our body, the women are usually scared of the medical conditions and all that it entails.

That’s why they have so many questions related to this type of skin art: how does it work, is it painful, how long does it last, is it too expensive. Anyone who decides to make its lips more attractive wants as more information as possible before initiating the whole procedure. So, let’s start from the beginning by explaining step by step the entire tattooing process:

What is this art method about?

The reasons why women decide to try this specific skin art are different: some of them want the more voluptuous and bolder lips, some of them want a permanent makeup, some of them want to prevent their mouths from aging. But all of them need to go through the same professional process-putting a tattoo ink or pigments into their lips. To clarify immediately, we are not talking about the injections, but a simple definition of the border of your mouth.

As a result, you will have not only fuller lip, but it will also look more attractive. And, it is not only about the outlining but also about shading the colour into the mouths. Depending on your skin type, it is always better to pick the one or two shades darker or brighter of your skin. It is at the same time the best way possible to keep the intensity of the colour as long as possible.

Whether you choose a lip tattoo liner or a blushing lip tattoo, you should keep in mind that this is a semi-permanent makeup, so the touch-ups are more than welcome here. The second choice, also known as a lipstick tattooing, is a sort of symbol that allows you to achieve the more natural look of your lips, by giving you the illusion of the larger ones. Unlike the traditional permanent makeup, lipstick tattooing gives your lips a perfect definition which is undoubtedly a dream of every woman.

How long does lip tattoo last?

For a long-lasting tattoo of your lips, there are many factors included. If you, for example, love the natural look of your lips, and you want to keep it, but to highlight them, the colours for this process are usually brighter, and that is why you will have to do a touch-up at least once a year. The next reason is because many tattoo houses use pigments instead of ink.

Pigment is thicker than a tattoo ink, and that is why many professionals select this method. But, don’t let that fool you. It fades by time, and after a year, maybe two, you will have to repeat the entire procedure once again. To avoid passing through the painful process so often, the best solution for your lips is a regular tattoo ink. But if you want your lips beautiful on a long-term period, you should choose a lip liner tattoo. Believe it or not, it is the best solution for your lips.

Not only it prevents your lipstick from fading and defines your mouths, but it will also give them a more youthful appearance. Yes, it is more expensive than a lip filler, but it is the number one choice of the real professionals. There is also one more thing you should keep in mind – the colour lasting doesn’t depend only on the professionals and their choices, but your lifestyle also plays a significant role here. Smoking, too much sunbathing, an iron deficiency, bad maintaining, non-adherence to a given advice, could also contribute to the faster colour fading.

Is it painful?

Since the lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our body, many women immediately think that it is a painful process. But it is not. ¬ĽOn a scale from one to ten, where one means it doesn’t hurt at all, and ten, that it is the most painful process ever, the patients usually rate this type of skin art three or four. It says it is painful, but not unsupportable. If you can’t stand a minimum pain, you can take a pain reliever in consultation with professionals, so you will avoid a possible colour fading and side effects by choosing a wrong medication.

How does it work?

The most important thing is to be well prepared and informed before starting a procedure like this, so you will know what to expect. The first step is applying an anaesthetic to pre-numb lips. Waiting for the anaesthesia to work, you can choose the shape of your “new” lips. The technician draws it for you, and all you have to do is to pick the desired look.

Once you are satisfied with the selected form, the tattooing can begin. By using sterile needles, a tattoo expert starts to insert the ink with gentle and slow moves. The entire process lasts about an hour, or two, depending on the chosen shape. Your lips are usually swollen once the process is over, so the experts in this field highly recommend to put ice on them. But, at the very beginning of a healing process, the better choice for your lips is undoubtedly a wet pad so that you can prevent the forming of scrubs.

The best way is to stand still for about two weeks. You should also avoid the sun exposure, as much as possible. Initially, the colour of your lips will be darker, and more intense, but the real colour will appear after the healing process is over and your lips are healthy again.

Is it safe?

Well, if you don’t follow the instructions for the healing process, the risk of potential issues, like scrubs, for example, is higher. But, to prevent any problem, it’s better to avoid the sun exposure, to wait up at least ten days until the swollen mouths disappear, to use a wet pad instead of ice in the first 24 hours after the procedure, to treat your lips as much as possible.

Of course, you should pick the tattoo house carefully. But the most important thing, if you notice something unusual, something you didn’t discuss with the experts in this field before, go straight to the doctor.

How much does it cost?

The price of this type of skin art can vary from tattoo house to tattoo house, from the ink colours they use, from the tattoo size, and so on. If it counts only lip framing, for example, then you should prepare about $50, $100.

But, if we are talking about the entire outside of your lips, the cost is usually between $500 and $1500. So, it’s better to choose a long-lasting colour, because all additional touch-ups cost. The more quality cosmetic lip tattoo is, the longer will last. You pay less for each touch-up. Some professionals also charge extra pain relievers, so you should be prepared to pay this, too.

Is it worth it?

As the lifestyle today is fast, it could be very convenient to have a ready to go lips. No matter what is the main reason for your tattooing decision, it is more than a welcome method for making your lips more beautiful and attractive, as well. Not only the entire process finishes quickly, but the results are amazing! You can choose the shape of your lips, you will have the impression of fuller, but still looking natural lips, it is not such a painful process as you first thought, and the most important thing – your lips will always be ready to go! It is undoubtedly worth trying it!

As you can see, this particular skin art is not a simple painting, but an art of living. It could bring you satisfaction, youth, freshness, fullness, and above all, good looking, but still natural lips. If you choose a real professional and follow the maintaining rules carefully and strictly, your lips will be amazing on a long-term period.

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