101+ Free Press Release Submission Sites List for 2021

Press Release Sites – Press Release Sites are basically platforms for news distribution, where organizations can publish their news. Good communication is the key factor for any Press Release business’s popularity its products and its services. they love to have their own Press Release Sites List. It is an approach easy to maintain and helps your business in contacting several impactful sites.

What Is a Press Release Site?

Press Release is one of the oldest and most popular ways to let people about a company and its services or products. Using a press release, anyone can increase their sales and business revenue. Nowadays, press releases used to inform people about a company/organization’s product/services as well as build high-quality backlinks. These press distribution services then distribute that news to Search Engines, News Blogs, etc. and spread about the new startup more than the basic announcement.

How Are Business Leaders Utilizing Press Release Sites List?

Press Release releases relevant to its business. Some business leaders might choose to look for media directories or contacting freelance journalists or some renowned news distribution agency. They love to have free Press Release Sites List. And, we are having such a great list of free Press Release service providers. We have created this list on the basis of traffic rank in Google statistics as well as Alexa.

Here are some of the things that require a press release to publicize:-

Announcing an employee change.
Sharing survey results.
Celebrating an anniversary
Announcing an internal restructuring of the company
Opening a new branch
Receiving an appointment
Changing the website, company, or business name.
Announcing unique features of the business or the website.

Importance Of This Press Release Sites List In Terms Of SEO

Google had identified it and updated its algorithm to control the misuse of these websites for SEO. Google recommends the use of such PR sites for gaining media attention only. But, this Press Release Sites List can benefit your website with better traffic. We have noticed that these PR sites can work as a great resource for better traffic.

Types of Press Release Submissions

Actually, there are two types of press release submission sites. One is a paid one and the other is free press release submission and distribution websites.

How can you benefit from the press releases now?

  • Build backlinks and Site Authority
  • Natural Links from Outside Sources-
  • Increased Visibility
  • Brand Management

Best Press Release Submission Sites List

SR NO # Press release submission sites
1 www.newpressrelease.com
2 www.bignews.biz
3 www.briefingwire.com
4 www.prlog.org
5 www.pressbox.co.uk
6 www.free-press-release.com
7 www.onlineprnews.com
8 www.marketpressrelease.com
9 www.prfree.org
10 www.business.wesrch.com
11 www.freepressreleasesubmit.com
12 www.pressreleasepost.com
13 www.freeprnow.com
14 www.scoopasia.com
15 www.pressontime.com
16 www.prhwy.com
17 www.yumpu.com
18 www.newswiretoday.com
19 www.eworldwire.com
20 www.techprspider.com
21 www.24-7pressrelease.com
22 www.pressabout.com
23 www.clickpress.com
24 www.freepressindex.com
25 www.newsalbum.com
26 www.121pressrelease.com
27 www.121pressrelease.com
28 www.newsreelnetwork.com
29 www.newssides.com
30 www.newslink.org
31 www.businesswire.com
32 www.mediapost.com
33 www.mediapost.com
34 www.isnare.com
35 www.filecluster.com
36 www.przoom.com
37 www.onlineprnews.com
38 www.1888pressrelease.com
39 www.prwindow.com
40 www.pressabout.com
41 www.pressexposure.com
42 www.ukprwire.com
43 www.free-press-release-center.info
44 www.news.eboomwebsolutions.com
45 www.hungarynewswire.com
46 www.prweb.com
47 www.prlog.org
48 www.directionsmag.com
49 www.tmcnet.com
50 www.bizeurope.com
51 www.nanotech-now.com
52 www.merinews.com
53 www.softarea51.com
54 www.indiaprwire.com
55 www.daily-chronicle.com
56 www.ereleases.com
57 www.pitchengine.com
58 www.webknowhow.net
59 www.businessportal24.com
60 www.artikel-presse.de
61 www.xpresspress.com
62 www.prfire.co.uk
63 www.articlecirculation.com
64 www.openpr.com
65 news-antique.com
66 www.briefingwire.com
67 www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com
68 www.freepressindex.com
69 www.submitpressrelease123.com
70 www.prsync.com
71 www.npr.org
72 www.betanews.com
73 www.news.thomasnet.com
74 www.directionsmag.com
75 www.nanotech-now.com
76 www.clickpress.com
77 www.filecluster.com
78 www.onlineprnews.com
79 www.theopenpress.com
80 www.prfree.com
81 www.itbsoftware.com
82 www.freepressindex.com
83 www.afreego.com
84 www.pressmethod.com
85 www.mediasyndicate.com
86 www.seenation.com
87 www.emeapr.com
88 www.techexpo.com
89 www.przoom.com
90 www.prndirect.prnewswire.com
91 www.transworldnews.com
92 www.localnews.biz
93 www.easy-pressrelease.com
94 www.prnewsdistribution.co.uk
95 www.prbd.net
96 www.pressexposure.com
97 www.pressabout.com
98 www.newdesignworld.com
99 www.newssides.com
100 www.pressreleaseping.com
101 www,pressabout.com

All listed sites in our Press Release Sites List are having a good number of visitors. Now you will be having great chance to promote your business website.You might need to do lots of manual work.Similarly, a blogger should also have a tracking strategy for gauging the impact of posted press releases in these websites listed in our Press Release Sites List.

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