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Pakistani actor Sarwat Gilani opens up about severe postpartum depression: ‘I wanted to hurt my newborn’


Sarwat Gilani recently spoke about her struggle with postpartum depression post childbirth. She opened up on how her husband Fahad Mirza remained supportive to her. The Pakistani actor in an interview with Arry Digital told that she wanted to let go her newborn as she was unable to deal with the feelings of postpartum depression. (Also read: Pakistani actor Imran Abbas was called ‘liar’ over Heeramandi offer: I appreciate Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s clarification)

Sarwat Gilani stressed on the need for more conversations around postpartum depression.

Sarwat Gilani encourages awareness on postpartum depression

While speaking about he experience, Sarwat told, “During that time I learnt what postpartum depression actually is. I met my baby after four days in the hospital as I had a serious surgery. She was struggling to have milk and I too was struggling. So, I had this feeling that I should better let her go just to get rid of the stress I am going through. When I entered the room I was crying. I told Fahad that I wanted to hurt the newborn. He told me that these are postpartum blues.”

She further opined, “So, it’s okay and it is not your permanent feeling. So, you need the awareness that the strange feeling that you have they are not you. It’s just the mental state that you are going through. Therefore, you must read more about postpartum depression to understand it better. Anything can happen to a person during that stage.”

Sarwat Gilani’s acting career

Sarwat made her movie debut with the Pakistani telefilm – Shadi Aur Tum Say? Her first theatrical release was Jawani Phir Nahi Ani where she played a pregnant Pashtun woman opposite Vasay Chaudhary. She repriseed her character in the movie’s sequel – Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2. The actor also made her debut as a theater director with Kiski Topi Kiskay Sar. Sarwat gained praise for her supporting turn in Saim Sadiq’s Joyland.

Sarwat married cosmetology surgeon and actor Fahad Mirza in August 2014. The couple also have two sons – Rohan Mirza and Araiz Muhammad Mirza.

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