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Noem addresses feeling ‘threatened’ by Nikki Haley, a controversial dog killing, Trump VP speculation in book


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A highly anticipated 2024 ticket, a controversial dog tale, and feeling “threatened” by Nikki Haley – Gov. Kristi Noem’s, R-S.D., newest book unpacks her role in leadership and experience behind the scenes of D.C. politics.

Noem’s book, titled “No Going Back” details her life lessons through her family farming business, service in congress, and current role as Governor. And despite not yet hitting the shelves, the conservative’s book has already stirred up the news cycle.

The Governor hunkered down on her support for former President Donald Trump, who she described as a “bull in a china shop” in the book, shared with Fox News Digital ahead of its release Tuesday.

Trump recently confirmed the Republican governor was on his shortlist for vice president, and when asked about the coveted position, Noem said she wants the former president “to pick who’s going to help him win.”


(L-R) Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens as North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem speaks during a Buckeye Values PAC Rally in Vandalia, Ohio, on March 16, 2024. (Kamil Krzaczynski)

“He knows that I’ll do whatever I can to help him win. But every day, it’s clear to me that our way of life is under attack. And unless he gets in the White House, this country is going to see some very challenging times ahead,” Noem told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview ahead of the book launch.

Ahead of the book launch, there was one released excerpt in particular that drew serious controversy – a story of Noem putting down her hunting dog.


The story went as follows. Noem had a young dog, Cricket, who she described as “untrainable” and having an “aggressive personality.” One day, the dog jumped out of her car, proceeded to kill several of her neighbors’ chickens, and nearly bit Noem as she tried to control it. So Noem decided to put the dog down, along with a “demon goat” on her farm.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem speaks before former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes the stage during a Buckeye Values PAC Rally in Vandalia, Ohio, on March 16, 2024. (Kamil Krzaczynski)

Lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, criticized  the governor on social media for the story, with a bipartisan group even launching the Congressional Dog Lovers Caucus just days after the excerpt was released. The governor defended including the story in her book, telling Fox “it was a difficult decision and a vulnerable story.”

“I’m not surprised that those who have always attacked me are attacking me. Republicans and Democrats who attacked me during Covid are the same ones who are attacking me now,” Noem said when asked about the backlash from the story. “But I think the average citizen, when they read that story will recognize that I put the safety of people in my hands above an animal that was killing livestock and attacking people.”


Noem also recalled a phone call with former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, revealing that she felt “threatened” by the former presidential candidate.

“That’s the thing with Nikki Haley: you never know who she’s going to be tomorrow,” Noem wrote. “She’s going to be whatever the polls or donors tell her to be. And that should be very scary to the American people. The people who know her the best, including some colleagues in her home state, seem to have the same concerns.”

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley hosts a rally in Conway as part of her swing in the Palmetto State leading up to the State’s primary, in Conway SC, United States on January 28, 2024. (Peter Zay)

After Haley’s team told Politico the story was a “twist” of the conversation, Noem told Fox News Digital that she was “not surprised” by the response.

“I think Nikki says whatever is convenient for Nikki that day,” Noem told Fox. “I’ve watched this for years now. You never know who she’s going to be tomorrow. She tends to be motivated by what works and what the polling says, and that’s not the kind of politicians we need leading our country.”

Reflecting on GOP losses in the 2022 midterms, Noem wrote that “the fact that our party did not achieve a majority in the US Senate was a failure by the Republican National Committee.” Noem added “Donald Trump and a handful of brave folks broke politics. But what do we do now? Instead of “fixing” politics by going back to the “good old days,” let’s step into the chaos and move the nation forward. Our best days truly are ahead.”

Trump NRA

Trump addressing NRA members (NRA) (NRA )

Noem’s book will be officially launched on Tuesday, May 7th.


“The new book is called No Going Back. And it’s about what’s wrong with politics and how we’re going to move America forward. It talks a lot about how Donald Trump really when he entered the political stage, he broke politics,” she told Fox. “And this book is the how-to guide to everyday Americans how they can be a part of moving this country forward.”

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