Modern Improvements Of Pallet Manufacturing

Pallet Manufacturing

Building bulk wooden pallets used to be a rather tedious process. In the ‘olden days’, it required the use of a good old fashioned hammer and nails. Now, modern innovation has made bulk wooden pallet processing a simple and elegant process. Pallets themselves can be made and repaired within minutes.

Not only can bulk wooden pallets be made in massive quantities, but they can also be repaired, dissembled, and even repurposed in bulk as well! Modern engineering has made the entire world of bulk wooden pallets a far more streamlined process. Here’s how:

  • Conveyor Assembly Lines.

The modern assembly line was the first spark of the industrial revolution. The concept of being able to automate and fast-track much of the assembly process was a game changer for industry. Wooden pallet making–in many cases–is done much the same way. Components are loaded into a conveyor assembly line machine, and sent on their way to be assembled piece by piece. These machines can assemble multiple pallets in an instant, and produce thousands per day!

  • Automatic Nailers.

Before the days of automation, the wooden pallets would need to be nailed by hand–with a hammer or a nail gun. This process took a lot of time and effort to get right, and fast. Now, pallet manufacturers will use automatic nailers that can turn the whole tedious process into a few simple steps. Components of the pallet can be lined up, and nailed across the board with the simple movement of the machine. Automatic nailers make nailing boards and slats of a pallet together as simple as the press of a button or pull of a lever.

  • Dismantling Robots.

Robots are changing the way that manufacturing is done across the globe. Many manufacturing facilities have entire assembly lines of robots, and the pallet industry is no different! Pallet manufacturing facilities will employ the use of dismantling robots to pull apart old pallets for repair or re-purposing. This can make the process of recycling pallets extremely fast and simple, and cuts out the need for manual disassembly. It’s now easier than ever to pull apart and repair old wooden pallets with these dismantling robots!

  • Industrial Mulchers.

Not all wooden pallets can be repaired, and must instead be recycled or re-purposed. In the case of excessively damaged wooden pallets, pallet manufacturers might decide to mulch the wood. This mulch can be used for gardening, playgrounds, farming, and more! Pallet manufactures are a huge contributor to the mulch industry, and do so by using industrial mulchers to chop up and re-purpose old damaged wooden pallets. These industrial sized machines can make the mulching process happen in an instant, and can pulverize old wooden pallets by the thousands.

  • Final Thoughts.

Modern technologies are working every day to help make the wooden pallet manufacturing industry work faster, and more efficiently. Every day new designs, innovations, and machines are being produced to help create and repair bulk wooden pallets. These are the unsung heroes of the pallet, and even shipping industries. We all owe a bit of gratitude to the pallet manufacturing innovations that keep our wooden pallets running and recycled daily!

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