Medical Professionals Use Technology To Engage With Their Customer

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As a medical professional, you are responsible for giving the best healthcare possible to your patients and you can only do that if you will encourage your patients to participate in your sessions. Patient engagement is so important in the healthcare industry as it helps you determine whether your healthcare planning is working or not.

There is also a direct relationship between the rate of engagement and the level of the patient’s wellness. So, the more your patient is engaged, the healthier he will become. Patients who are highly engaged are aware of the overall status of their health. They tend to interact more with the medical professional for decision making and better care. If they know that their health is at risk, they will be encouraged to do activities for their wellness such as exercising more, receiving preventive care, and eating better.

Now, you might be wondering if you are doing the right thing to increase the level of patient engagement as a medical professional. To assess this matter, you can ask yourself what are the things you are working on to educate, encourage, and empower them. What tools and materials do you use? Are you using technology for the betterment of your service?

5 Ways Medical Professionals Use Technology To Engage With Their Customers

1) Allowing access to patient info portals.

Everything is becoming electronic now. There are already systems that allow patients to access their medical records in the comfort of their homes. Medical professionals are using technology to let their clients see their info through online portals. Because of this, customers don’t need to go to healthcare centers just to ask for info updates.

2) Encouraging them to use wearable devices.

Smartphones and other devices have features that can track down someone’s health status and that’s one of the great things about technology. Professionals in the medical industry are encouraging their patients to use wearable devices such as Fitbit to track their health conditions in real-time. With these hi-tech accessories, your patients can have a good database that is connected to their physical activities such as running, jogging, and exercising. If they can’t afford to invest in this device, using the Health app on their iPhones and Samsung is an alternative. It also has the same effect to encourage them to remain physically active.

3) Letting them schedule their appointments online.

Another way technology is beneficial to the medical professional is because of the approaches that let patients schedule their appointments online. Walk-in scheduling is not a thing now. Medical professionals can be reached through their smartphones and social media accounts, which means that patients can inquire about available slots for appointments without going to the hospital or healthcare center. This is more convenient, especially for clients who will come from distant places. Because of technology, they can already reserve a slot and secure appointments without wasting their time.

4) Providing them with electronic materials.

In the medical field, electronic materials are somehow preferable than paper-bounds. Aside from saving papers to contribute to the betterment of the environment, using electronic materials is also better for clients. Patients prefer to use their smartphones and laptops to access information that can promote their wellbeing. In this generation, it’s seldom to find someone who goes through thick books and modules just to find the recommendations of the medical professional. With the internet and technology, it’s easier to find the right information to supplement medical recommendations.

5) Connecting on social media.

Connecting on social media is another approach medical professionals use to increase patient engagement. It’s also the most convenient for clients who need constant support from the medical personnel. Medical professionals are now embracing online consultation through social media platforms to make it easier for them to connect to their patients. Considering that almost everyone is on the internet right now, this has been effective. Patients are more comfortable sharing their experiences through chats and emails. Professionals in the medical field have been very active in answering inquiries online. Both parties are showing a high level of engagement through social media.

The higher the level of patient engagement is, the better the situation for both healthcare providers and patients. As someone who works in the medical industry, you should come up with a good strategy to encourage your clients to interact with you, using technology and the 5 ways mentioned above as examples.

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