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Kai Cenat slams viewers for being ‘too invested’ because of…


Kai Cenat lashed out at his viewers over them being “too invested” in his friendship with fellow Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff and asked to “stop”.

Kai Cenat has sparked a conversation about the relationship between Twitch and its top streamers. (Image Credit: Twitch)

The story of Twitch streamers Kai Cenat and BruceDropEmOff has always been intertwined and filled with drama. For some time, the two broadcasters do not speak to each other, yet viewers expect a reunion of these two.

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Kai Cenat took to his stream on June 5th to address his viewers’ meddling in his personal affairs by saying as far as they were concerned, they were “too invested” in it.

“I don’t talk about certain situations, because in my real life, I went through it, and I made the smart decision on making my circle the way it’s supposed to be. You guys are too invested, and it’s crazy,” Kai stated.

“It’s so bad. It’s actually bad, I’m not gonna lie, bro. We got to work this year, I’ve got so much that I’ve gotta do. Please, just stop. It’s so bad, bro. It’s actually forced. I haven’t spoken on the situation since I spoke on the situation. Let that sink in. It’s bad. I don’t force anything, bro.”

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Kai Cenat fires back after BruceDropEmOff’s apology

Kai’s reaction follows an apology from BruceDropEmOff, who expressed regret for the conflict between them during his return to Twitch from Kick.

Bruce acknowledged, “I kinda miss what we had. …As Black men, we’re supposed to be together. I’m fed up, chat. I’ll take that sh*t on the chin, any f**king day.”

The rift between Kai Cenat and BruceDropEmOff began in the summer of 2023 when Bruce left Twitch to join Kick. Kai publicly criticized Kick as “petty” and cautioned Bruce always to have a “target on your back”.

Their relationship deteriorated further when Kai revealed in a live stream, “The root of the problem was, and it broke my heart bro. Bruce said that we were never friends and the only time I called him up or ‘quote unquote’ used him was for content.”

In October of the same year, leaked DMs allegedly from Bruce surfaced on social media, where he disparaged Kai and his creative endeavours: “Now f**k wanna go into acting like they ain’t been acting. …on GOD, I’m not watching that sh*t.”

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After seeing the DMs live stream Kai urged Bruce to “go to therapy.”

“I don’t want to do s**t with you no more, I don’t want to be associated with you no more, I don’t give a f**k what you got going on. Because it is too dangerous to have a n***s like that in my circle. One day smiling, next time you in your phone gossiping to your top mods.”

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