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Iraqi Man, 47, Wins Battle Against Stage 4 Rectal Cancer In India


This was a challenging case as the man was previously misdiagnosed

New Delhi:

A 47-year-old man from Iraq suffering from stage-4 rectal cancer has been given a new lease of life after a complex surgery by doctors in India.

The man was initially diagnosed with piles and was undergoing treatment for the same in his country. However, it was later discovered that he was suffering from rectal cancer that had been misdiagnosed earlier. The obese patient also underwent multiple chemotherapy and radiation sessions, before being referred to the Manipal Hospital in Dwarka.

“This was a challenging case as the patient had previously been misdiagnosed, and the fact that he weighed 122 kg added complexity to the treatment,” Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, told IANS.

After evaluation, the doctors also found peritoneal disease in addition to rectal cancer (stage IV).

Peritoneal disease is a cancer that begins in an organ within the abdomen and then spreads to the abdominal wall lining and surface. Usually, stage IV cancers are incurable. But, the peritoneal disease can be treated.

Given the complexity of the case, doctors at Manipal decided to undertake CRS (Cytoreductive Surgery) and HIPEC (Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Surgery) – both highly complex and challenging procedures.

“These procedures were combined with the surgical removal of the cancerous tumour and the administration of heated chemotherapy to the abdomen, to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment,” Dr Sanjeev explained.

“Despite an unfavourable initial prognosis, the patient was successfully treated under the guidance of our team and returned home with a better quality of life. The success of his treatment highlights the importance of advanced medical solutions to complex problems like cancer,” the doctor said.

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