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Internet comedian accuses Twitch star Kai Cenat of ‘copying’ his Hunger Games-type show idea


Internet comedian Sam Hyde has accused Twitch star Kai Cenat of “copying” his idea for a Hunger Games-style event, the comedian revealed that the plot of the next season of his show Fishtank largely repeats the mirrors with Cenat’s idea.

Sam Hyde’s Fishtank faces competition from Kai Cenat’s similar Hunger Games-style event(SamHyde/X/Twitch)

Hyde’s Fishtank show based on Big Brother will feature participants who are locked in a house for 6 weeks and literally everything they do is televised live on the stream.

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This June 25, Fishtank is taking an extreme turn with the launch of ‘Fishtank All-Stars Vampire Bloodgames.’ In this new season, six former winners will be placed in the woods and “hunted” by vampires at night.

A trailer for the project, released on May 10, promises “real life FPS gameplay” and “real life survival,” indicating a more intense and immersive experience for both participants and viewers.

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Kai Cenat announced live Hunger Games-style show

Shortly after the trailer’s release, Cenat announced his own Hunger Games-style event.

The Twitch sensation disclosed that he has been working on a Hunger Games-style event that he envisions to happen in half a year and hopes to have 50 of the greatest streamers in the world join the event live.

Cenat expressed, “I want drones, I want combat suits…this has to be huge.”

The Twitch streamer locked on MrBeast as one of the first key figures likely to take up what was potentially one of the largest SVOD partnerships ever seen. Additionally, Cenat also mentioned the fact that he is discussing the possible cooperation with sporting and clothing brand Nike, with the intention to become an official sponsor of the event.

Kai Cenat vs Sam Hyde

Hyde has taken issue with the timing and similarity of Cenat’s event, which he believes mimics the premise of Fishtank’s upcoming season. “We spent months and millions [of dollars] making a Hunger Games season, and they’re copying it lol… they will continue to pretend we don’t exist!” Hyde alleged.

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Despite his frustration, Hyde suggested he might be open to collaboration or at least a discussion with Cenat.

“Kai… let’s talk buddy,” he added.

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