Euphoria and The Idol producer Kevin Turen passes away at the age of 44.


According to the post, 44-year-old producer Kevin Turen, who produced episodes of HBO’s Euphoria and The Idol, passed away very unexpectedly. The cause of death is still a mystery. Turen’s close friend and CEO of PMC, Jay Penske, highlighted Turen’s commitment to his friends and family. Born in 1979, Turen attended Columbia University to study film before he and Sam and Ashley Levinson co-founded Little Lamb Productions. Zendaya won two Emmys for producing the critically praised series Euphoria, which was created by the three. Turen also worked with Ti West on the X trilogy and produced Pieces of a Woman (2020) and The Idol. With two kids, Jack and James, and his wife Evelina still living, Turen’s untimely death is felt in the film industry.


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