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Dolly Singh: The kind of industry that we are a part of, physical looks and outer beauty really go a long way


Content creator and actor Dolly Singh recently shared an Instagram post about her body insecurities, weight fluctuations, and how she is now confident in her own body and prefers putting walls around her to avoid people commenting on her appearance. While she got everyone thinking what promoted her to vent at this point, she tells us there wasn’t any specific trigger to put up the post.

Dolly Singh was last seen in Thank You For Coming

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“I was just contemplating like most adults would do now. But, I know that I have come back to a certain weight and people have already started commenting on it,” she says, adding, “You have to figure out where it’s coming from and just one of those days where I realised that if I am in a vulnerable state, I would only want to meet a few people who I know will not be commenting on it and rather be accepting. So, I just thought I should talk about it and with the love I received, I think it happens to pretty much everyone.”

While Singh’s Insta followers have always been supportive of her choices and the way she looks, it’s the people around her who made her feel conscious about her looks. “Thankfully, my audience on Instagram is very accepting. I don’t get as much trolling as I used to. But, this post is more about my personal life where you meet relatives and friends who don’t know where to draw the line, instead of internet trolling. If you have lost or gained weight, you know it, nobody needs to comment and point it out loudly,” notes the 30-year-old, adding how such remarks often break one’s morale.

Here is her post:

“Women’s bodies are actually up on the point of discussion for everyone. So, such certain people tend to put you down masked with a lot of care. I have grown up with a lot more than this so there is a lot of trauma attached and certain words still trigger, even if the other person doesn’t really mean that way,” she adds.

Asserting that she is “very much comfortable” in her body now, Singh confesses she no longer looks at her physical appearance with any scrutiny. “I appreciate everything better now… it has come from growing up, reading, hearing stories from women, and therapy. That’s how I coped up with it, every woman goes through it. And, it is better to put some walls and surround yourself with people who genuinely love you,” she expresses.

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Singh made her acting debut with web show Bhaag Beanie Bhaag co-starring Swara Bhasker, and has been a part of Double XL (2022), Thank You for Coming (2023) and Modern Love Mumbai (2022). She mentions that there is a certain kind of pressure that comes along when you’re in this showbiz profession.

“As a public figure and the kind of industry that we are a part of, our looks and exterior beauty really go a long way so you have to put your most aesthetic food forward. I do have that pressure but I try to keep reminding myself that I don’t need to feel that pressure. It’s okay if I don’t feel great or I’m not wearing a certain something. But, it’s hard to go through that. You can’t look ‘pleasing’ the whole time,” she concludes.

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