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Dashcam Video Shows “Staged Harassment” In Bengaluru, Police Respond


Mr Kukkar said that such incidents have become common in the area.

A shocking incident took place in Bengaluru, leaving the internet shaken. Piyush Kukkar had a strange encounter on Varthur Road, near Prestige Lakeside Habitat, around 10 pm. The video was recorded on a dashcam. He said that the “staged harassment” took place on a busy road.

“When someone tells you Dashcam isn’t a necessity in BLR show them this, Another such incident in Bangalore outskirts, this time it happened with me. Today around 10:25 PM on the outskirts of BLR, I faced a staged harassment incident on Varthur road, near prestige lakeside habitat,” said the caption of the videos posted by the user on X (formerly Twitter).

On July 1, Mr Kukkar was driving on a busy street in the first clip, which was recorded at 10:24:50, when a person on a scooter abruptly blocked his route. According to the user, this is a regular tactic used to exacerbate the situation. In the second clip, a Bolero with its licence plate’s final two digits scratched started honking behind him. The user stated that the Bolero’s driver ordered him to stop and that the driver eventually came out and yelled at him.

In a long thread on the microblogging platform, he said, “They forced me to stop, and the Bolero driver got out and began shouting aggressively. Another person on a scooty took a U-turn and came very close to my car. I suspect Bolero guy indicated him regarding a dashcam being installed, hence he didn’t hit my car with his scooty.”

According to him, they backed off since they saw his dashcam recording. Mr Kukkar said that such incidents have become common in the area. “My family, including my 3-month-old son, was in the car, and this could have escalated dangerously. I have attached the dashcam footage here. As you can see in the video, I didn’t provoke them, as I have been seeing these harassment incidents on twitter very regularly, plus I had the dashcam installed. I consider myself very lucky today, but someone may not be that fortunate. Please install a Dashcam.”

His post gained widespread attention on social media and many users urged the Bengaluru police to take action. Responding to the same, the official account of the police department said, “Noted, we have informed to @varthurps for necessary action in this regard. @dcpwhitefield. Please provide your contact details via DM.”

In April, a video posted on Instagram by user Harikrishnan P showed a man being repeatedly beaten with an iron rod ruthlessly. After the attack, the assailants walked away.

Along with the video, the user wrote, “Today, during my drive near Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, I witnessed a horrifying incident that shook me to the core. On the main road, I saw a person being viciously attacked with a steel rod, while the assailant walked away without a care in the world. This is just a glimpse of the violence that seems to be becoming all too common in our city. I’m deeply concerned about the safety of our community. Is Bangalore still a safe place to call home? It’s heartbreaking to witness such brutality on a daily basis. I urge the authorities of the Karnataka government to take immediate action and ensure that justice is served for the victim. We cannot allow such acts of violence to go unpunished. Please share this post and help spread the word. Together, we can make our city safer for everyone.”

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