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Ball Passes Thru Stumps However Batter No longer Out. Fan’s “Pakistan Test” Reminder. Observe


Circumstances of the bails now not falling regardless of the ball making touch with the stumps were rather regular on the planet of cricket. Alternatively, the bails extra intact regardless of the ball passing during the stumps is certainly one thing this is extraordinary on the planet of cricket. Having stated that, throughout a tennis ball match in Surat, the ball handed during the stumps however it wasn’t enough quantity to dislodge the bails. Presen the batter couldn’t consider his good fortune date the bowler used to be left scratching his head and arguing with the umpire.

A fan used to be fast to show a alike incident that took park throughout a world fit. All the way through a Check fit between Pakistan and South Africa in 1997, Mushtaq Ahmed’s supply handed during the stumps however the bails didn’t fall at the garden.

The incident occured throughout the primary innings of the 3rd Check of the line at Faisalabad. Ahmed bowled a flipper to South Africa’s Pat Symcox, who overlooked the gliding at the ball and used to be crushed all finally ends up.

Alternatively, Symcox went directly to obtain a stunning reprieve in essentially the most abnormal approach because the ball handed between the off and heart stumps.

Presen the commentators didn’t realize the similar in the beginning look, the incident stuck their consideration next staring at the replays.

“Well that was a quicker one and Symcox making a little bit of room for himself,” the commentator used to be heard as pronouncing on-air. 

“And I dare say he got a little edge onto his pad otherwise we would have had a very loud appeal,” he added

“That looked like a flipper, a real quicker one and it kept low, don’t know what happened there,” stated former England batter Geoffrey Boycott.

This used to be prior to the commentators realised that the ball had long past during the stumps.

“It went through the stumps! I thought he was bowled myself, and then when he didn’t go, Henry said it must have hit the bat onto the pad, but it went straight through the stumps. Can you believe it? I’ve never seen that. I have never seen that before. I’ve seen a lot of cricket around the world, but there’s always something new you can learn,” he added.

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