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Ariana Grande blasted for saying she wanted to have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer because he’s ‘fascinating’: ‘So vile’


Ariana Grande is being called out for speaking out about her “infatuation” with serial killers and admitting that she thought her dream dinner guest would be Jeffrey Dahmer. Grande made the remarks while appearing on the Podcrushed podcast with hosts Penn Badgley, Sophie Ansari and Nava Kavelin.

Ariana Grande blasted for saying she wanted to have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer because he’s ‘fascinating’ (Photo by Angela WEISS / AFP)(AFP)

“I was infatuated with serial killers when I was younger,” Grande said. “It was in between me being Cat [on Sam & Cat] and pop stuff, so it was like a younger group, and they were with parents, and someone said, ‘If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?’”

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“I was like, ‘Oh, you’re so cute,’” she said, adding that she asked the group of parents if she could give a truthful answer. “They were like, ‘Sure, what’s the answer?’ and I was like, ‘I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer is pretty fascinating.’”

Grande even said that she would still like to meet Dahmer. The serial killer was killed in prison in 1994. Dahmer was accused of murdering 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991. His murders involved necrophilia and cannibalism.

“I think I would have loved to have met him,” Grande said. “You know, maybe with a third party or someone involved. But I have questions.”

‘Sick and horribly offensive to the victims’ families’

Grande is facing backlash for her comments. In the comment section of the above video, one user said, “I don’t think she knows what she doing”. “This is a surprisingly common stance. All these guys were getting fanmail in prison,” one user said, while another wrote, “I swear they want to get kidnapped…..”

“Suprisingly enough she sounds like most other people who are serial killer obsessed,” one user said, while another wrote, “I don’t think she wants to be famous anymore”.

The clip also surfaced on Reddit, where users are blasting Grande. “This is so vile… I have a great interest in crime cases but the LAST thing I’d want to do is have dinner with a serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer was a pedophile who murdered innocent people, mainly people of colour because he knew police wouldn’t take their disappearances as seriously. Joking about wanting to have dinner with him is sick and horribly offensive to the victims’ families, who are still alive and affected by the tragedy fyi. Let’s stop glorifying these psychos and pretending they are intensely enamoring people – they’re not, and if you met them in real life you would quickly realize why,” one user commented on Reddit. “That’s such a disgusting thing to say,” one user wrote. One said, “Not the funny/cute/edgy anecdote you think it is, Ariana.”

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