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Actor Judy Belushi-Pisano, legendary comedian John Belushi’s widow, dies at 73


Actor and producer Judy Belushi-Pisano has died at the age of 73, her family members said. She was the widow of legendary comedian John Belushi.

Actor Judy Belushi-Pisano, legendary comedian John Belushi’s widow, dies (John Belushi/Facebook)

The Belushi and Pisano families took to Facebook to announce the news via John’s profile. They wrote, “Today, our hearts are heavy as we say goodbye to our sweet Judy. Her unwavering dedication and creative genius alongside Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi gave birth to The Blues Brothers, a timeless testament to the power of music and laughter. In the years following John’s passing in 1982, Judy honored his life and championed his legacy and Blues Brothers brand.”

“As we bid farewell, we pledge to continue her work, ensuring that John’s legacy, and the Blues Brothers will never fade,” they added. “There was no one like her. Judy made everyone feel loved. She was nonjudgmental, light, funny and pure. You could be truly yourself around her, that alone was a gift.”

Who was Judy Belushi-Pisano?

Judy, who was born on January 7, 1952, in Wheaton, Ill., met John while they attended the same high school – Wheaton Central High school in Wheaton, Illinois. According to IMDb, John and Judy moved to New York in 1973 to work for National Lampoon in 1973. She began working as an art assistant, but later went on to become an associate producer for ‘The National Lampoon Radio Hour.’ The two tied the knot in 1976. John died of an overdose in 1982, aged 36.

Judy worked on some of John’s famous comedies, including The Blues Brothers and National Lampoon’s Animal House. Besides these uncredited appearances, she spent most of her life devoted to John’s legacy. She also authored John’s biography, and was involved in the making of the 2020 Showtime documentary titled ‘John Belushi.’

Judy later married writer/producer Victor Pisano. They owned the Belushi Pisano Gallery in Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and also oversaw The Official Blues Brothers Revival alongside Aykroyd.

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